Yoga / Iyengar

class is open to all levels and abilities.  Settle into the breath with a gentle warm up that will prepare the body for more in-depth postures.  This class is geared toward the individual with an emphasis on alignment and safety, studio props are often used. Hip and shoulder openers, forward folds, backbends and inversions are incorporated.


Dharma Yoga

will ignite the entire body & unleash the life force.  A series of balance, back bends, twists, forward folds and inverted postures are explored.  With regular practice, weight problems & disease diminish & one attaints good health & increased stamina.  Practice concludes with deep relaxation, breathing practices and concentration/meditation, which will induce a deep calmness & invigorate the soul.


Restorative Yoga

is a way of easing the body, mind and heart into union through gentleness and present moment awareness.  The use of props (pillows, blankets, blocks) supports relaxation in the body so that deeply held tension may be released, allowing energy and balance to be restored.


Kids Yoga

is all about having FUN!  Class often starts with Mandala coloring teaching children to slow down and focus.  Yoga games are played to settle the mind and enhance listen skills.  Many yoga postures are explored and new yoga postures are created.  There is also story telling, relaxation and chanting.


Pilates Mat

correctly learn the fundamentals of a Pilates Mat class achievable for any fitness level.  You will quickly tone, strengthen and stretch.


Pilates Apparatus / Reformer

Pilates Apparatus class uses equipment such as the Reformer & Trapeze Table (aka Cadillac) to create resistance, the Ladder Barrel used to stabalize, stregthen & stretch.  Class focuses on proper alignment while strengthening the core, legs, arms, back and butt.  It is a great therapy for injury prevention and rehabilitation.



Meditation is the practice of non-attachment and imperturbability. It is the unification of mind and body, as well as the unification of our individual mind with the universal mind. Through meditation practice, one awakens to "the small, still" voice of our own original nature.


Prenatal Yoga/Pilates

description coming soon...


Mommy & Me Yoga

description coming soon...


Studio Props

Yoga and Pilates props are complimentary including blocks, blankets, bolsters, straps, meditation cushion, eye pillows, ballet barre, Pilates circles, bands, exercise balls, squishie ball, wooden whale and yoga mats.  Please bring props of your own if you prefer.